At IMS Group, we’re committed to providing customers with the best possible support in the industry, which is why we invest continuously in our client management systems.
As a result of investment in software and constant development of the web-based platform, the service team is able to provide industry-leading support to its customers. And on a more practical level: the team offers complete, accredited, one-on-one technical training at national level. See below for more information about optimally utilising our comprehensive range of services.


Warranty Claims and Documentation

In this short video, IMS Group Customer Services’ very own Mark Kohrs, Customer Service Co-ordinator, explains how to make a warranty claim on a SAF-HOLLAND axle, describing what supporting information is required. Hope it helps!


Manufacturer-endorsed Training Programmes

As part of our continuing commitment to better support, we have developed a series of training modules endorsed by the manufacturers. For more information on these or any other aspects of support for the brands and products we represent, please don’t hesitate to contact the IMS Group Customer Service team, +31 (0)342 497890.

SAF-HOLLAND develops and produces several of the most thoroughly tested axles in the world, as a result of which they are the preferred choice for a growing number of fleet operators and trailer builders. In order to guarantee smooth and efficient operation of the equipment in an industry where high operating loads are the norm, your axles require scheduled maintenance by fully-trained technicians using the tools approved by the manufacturer, and genuine parts. In order to meet these requirements, IMS Group has developed the only product training programme endorsed by SAF-HOLLAND. The objective of the programme is simple: to equip customers and service partners with the skills needed to ensure that trailers with SAF-HOLLAND components always operate optimally with minimum downtime. That means that the correct maintenance protocols have to be used.

IMS Group supplies the only product training in the Benelux, UK and Ireland that is approved by the manufacturer. For more information please see the video below.

We have also produced a library of training videos designed specifically for workshop technicians. You can find these here

Overview of SAF training topics

IMS Group professionals run the programme and provide hands-on, in-depth product training for SAF-HOLLAND products among others:

  • SAF-HOLLAND axle and suspension overview
  • Maintenance of SAF-HOLLAND axles and suspensions


  • Maintenance, overhaul and parts replacement of SAF-HOLLAND drum brake axles
  • Maintenance, overhaul and parts replacement of SAF-HOLLAND disc brake axles
  • Overhaul and repair of Knorr and SAF-HOLLAND brake callipers
  • Overview of the correct installation and positioning of the slack adjuster and brake chambers


  • Airbag identification and correct installation
  • Shock absorber fitting and function
  • 3D Bush removal and replacement

Hub Unit

  • Maintenance of the hub unit including bearing replacement



Other manufacturer-accredited training programmes

Apart from SAF-HOLLAND training programmes, we also provide training programmes in support of our other brands. Furthermore, we can create training modules covering multiple brands that are tailored to suit the specific requirements and requests of customers. So if there are particular aspects of product servicing and/or maintenance that you want us to address we would be very happy to hear from you.

More and more transport operators are seeing the business benefits in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, as the direct result of keeping their technicians fully up to speed on the latest manufacturer-approved servicing procedures.

To take full advantage of manufacturer-endorsed product training programmes, simply contact the IMS Group Customer Service team at +31 (0)342 497890.

Authorised Service Partners

We have a comprehensive, national network of certified/trained service partners able to carry out maintenance, warranty and repair work for the range of products IMS Group supplies.

All of our authorised service partners employ skilled technicians equipped with the specialist tools that are necessary for maintaining SAF-HOLLAND products to the highest standard.

To find service outlets near you, contact the IMS Group Customer Service team at +31 (0)342 497890.


Field Service Engineers

IMS Group employs several highly experienced service engineers to provide essential support to trailer builders and end-users alike. Our engineers can advise on original equipment specification, provide hands-on assistance at the commissioning stage and help to troubleshoot ‘on-the-road’ trailer performance issues.

IMS Group engineers provide the vital link between the manufacturer and operator/service facilities. To access this technical support, please contact the IMS Group Customer Service team at +31 (0)342 497890.