IMS GROUP becomes exclusive distributor of VSE trailer steering systems throughout Europe

From May 2021, IMS GROUP will be the exclusive distributor of VSE electro-hydraulic trailer steering systems for all of Europe, the UK and Ireland. Until now, IMS GROUP has only distributed VSE products within the Benelux, UK and Ireland. The expansion into the European market is a strategic choice, which ensures that transporters throughout Europe can rely on the most advanced steering systems from VSE in combination with the excellent services of IMS GROUP.

More clout

VSE's decision to transfer the sales activities of trailer steering systems was taken to create more focus to its mission: develop and produce smart and flexible steering systems. In addition, VSE expects to gain more influence in the European market with the thorough experience and market knowledge of the IMS GROUP. The current VSE account managers and sales partners will be added to the current IMS GROUP sales team and will remain the contact persons for existing customers. VSE remains responsible for the service and warranty of its systems. The known contacts will therefore remain accessible via the trusted VSE telephone number.

Innovative steering systems

The low-maintenance trailer steering systems from VSE are characterized by optimal maneuverability, without having to compromise on payload. The software in the system realizes an optimal steering angle, so that a trailer with more payload can reach locations that were previously inaccessible. VSE systems are up to 400 kg lighter than other steering systems. Applying the VSE steering system reduces fuel and tire wear. These features significantly reduce the total cost of ownership of a trailer for the fleet manager.

Widely applicable steering systems

For a number of years now, the IMS GROUP has been providing its customers in the UK and recently also in the Benelux with advice on VSE steering systems. These have more than proven their added value in various transport sectors, such as bulk transport, container transport, tank transport and distribution.

About IMS Group

IMS GROUP advises on the choice and use of steering systems not only for VSE, but also for the steering systems of GreenSteering and SEM. For every question regarding trailer steering, IMS GROUP offers a suitable steering solution! 

Of course, IMS GROUP remains the trusted point of contact for SAF Holland and SAUER Parts axles and trailer parts in the Benelux, the UK and Ireland. Next tot that, IMS GROUP is distributor for the whole of Europe for the aluminum wheels of Alex Rims.

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