The successful collaboration between IMS Group and Feldbinder

When IMS Group became official distributor of Tecma in Europe in May 2022, it proved to be an accelerator of a successful partnership with Feldbinder. Michel Joern, construction officer at Feldbinder, shares in an interview the details about the collaboration between Feldbinder and IMS Group.

VSE steering systems and axles from Tecma
At two sites in Germany, Feldbinder develops and manufactures special trailers, containers and wagons. To manufacture these vehicles, Feldbinder needs a number of key products, such as steering systems and trailer axles. Feldbinder already has a long-standing collaboration with IMS GROUP for steering systems from VSE. “Our customers are so satisfied with the products that we no longer want to install other steering systems.” Says Michel. “So When IMS Group started selling products from the company Tecma in May this year, we got in touch with them right away. These are exactly the type of products we use for our vehicles in addition to the VSE steering systems we already use.” Since then, IMS Group has also been their support for Tecma’s custom made trailer axles.

How this collaboration works
IMS Group is an important player in Feldbinder’s business. “If we receive a new order from a customer for a trailer, we start off by creating a design. Once the design is ready, we place an order at IMS Group with the products we need to manufacture the trailer.” IMS Group then ensures that the products are delivered on time. “We are very satisfied with the delivery times. In May and June, orders took a little longer than expected, but that was due to external circumstances.” Fortunately, these delivery times were temporary. “Nowadays, products are delivered in about 15 weeks. That’s fast.”

Excellent collaboration
"At the beginning, I had some doubts whether this collaboration would work. After all, it is a new partner we have to rely on. We have high standards in terms of quality, materials and manufacturing techniques. IMS Group must be able to meet these expectations.” Fortunately, IMS Group does so with verve! "I am incredibly happy with the collaboration.” Says Michel. “They have knowledge of the products we need, which allows them to really think along with us. Besides, we have excellent personal contact. If I have a question or a special request, I know I can always call Jarno or Luc, my contact persons at IMS Group.”

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