• Proven SAF-HOLLAND INTRA CD quality, combined with a POCLAIN hydraulic auxiliary drive system
  • Optimised for use on tippers and trailers equipped with a walking floor system for construction and/or landfills.
  • Assists with starting on difficult surfaces after tipping or on slopes
  • Powered by the truck’s hydraulic system
  • Can be activated from the driver’s cab
  • Great flexibility – use of different trucks with 2-circuit hydraulics
  • SAF-HOLLAND INTRA TRAK can easily be retrofitted to existing trailers

Features and benefits

WINNER OF THE TRAILER INNOVATION AWARD 2017: The SAF-HOLLAND INTRA CD TRAK supports the truck on inclines and difficult terrain by using a hydraulically driven motor – simply by pressing one button.

The new SAF-HOLLAND INTRA CD TRAK is optimised for trailers in the standard 9-tonne segment – both on-road and off-road. Specially developed for tippers and walking floor vehicles operating in the area of construction sites or landfills, the drive axle supports the truck-trailer combination on inclines and difficult terrain with its integrated additional drive. The auxiliary motor provides the required capacity exactly where it is needed. The hydraulically-driven motor is long-lasting and low in maintenance, thereby ensuring that the new trailer axle has an exceptionally long service life.

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