An efficient and reliable 9-tonne air suspension system with optimised one-piece 22.5” or 19.5” disc brakes.

This system features outstanding and unrivalled light weight to reduce running costs and increase profitability, and now includes the new SAF-HOLLAND AirVent Head Unit to further improve performance.

  • Precise rotation under all driving conditions
  • Improved ventilation channels
  • New large compact wheel-bearing unit and special long-life seals
  • Patented ‘Safe Guard’ suspension arm to protect brake cylinders from damage
  • High quality internal components
  • Also available as a self-steering axle
  • INTRA CD (Custom Design) version for operation on difficult terrain

Features and benefits


With the SAF-HOLLAND INTRADISC AIRVENT, internal AirVent ventilation channels cool the brake disc, avoiding heat build-up. Moreover, the internal AirVent ventilation channels support the low temperature control in the entire system.

The 9-tonne air suspension system with optimised disc brake technology has an excellent cost-performance ratio.

The SAF-HOLLAND INTRADISC AirVent raises the bar again in terms of economic efficiency and reliability for 9-tonne axle systems with disc brakes. The system is equipped with an asymmetrically cast, special alloy 22.5″ or 19.5″ disc that has been tried and tested over many years.

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