With the addition of SEM, IMS now distributes the broadest range of trailer steering solutions. The company extended its product offering in response to calls from transport operators to provide expertise & assistance in optimising the efficiency of their trailer fleets.

IMS is able to prove that steered semi-trailers can be specified to replace rigid prime movers in making urban deliveries, thereby increasing utilisation whilst reducing environmental impact by virtue of increased load volumes and fewer journeys.

SEM joins both VSE & SAF-Holland at IMS Limited. VSE is the leading developer of intelligent steering systems for trailers, while SAF-Holland is the manufacturer of the tried and tested, lightweight INTRA self-steering axle.

Not only does SEM offer mechanical trailer steering solutions, it has also developed a new independent suspension system designed specifically to meet the needs of operators requiring higher load capacity within permitted trailer dimensions. It is this demand that has prompted the increased use of double deck trailers. Both SEM’s steering and independent suspension transport solutions are designed and built in the Netherlands to the most stringent quality control standards.

Contact IMS UK for full SEM technical specifications on steering and independent suspension systems.

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