IMS Group delivers top quality products that can achieve considerable savings, require little maintenance and offer a long service life. Our products offer major benefits for the transport industry, which is increasingly confronted with commercial pressures, stricter regulations and environmental issues.

IMS Group is based in the Netherlands and the UK and is the exclusive distributor for the following leading brands: SAF-HOLLAND, SAUER Quality Parts and VSE in the Benelux, UK & Ireland, and the brands SEM, GreenSteering and Alex Rims for all of Europe, UK & Ireland.

IMS Group supports its distributors with unrivalled sales advice, technical support and aftermarket service


We do far more than just sell great products

We do much more than just sell great products

The commercial transport industry is inundated with brands and standard products, which at first glance differ little from each other. However, we build our product portfolio by carefully listening to fleet operators and trailer builders, so that the products meet their demands and are characterised by cost efficiency, quality and durability.

But we go beyond that. Frequent consultation with our customers also teaches us that there is a continuing demand for new creative and flexible transport solutions. This resulted recently in the launching of SEM Transport Solutions. A new product group with specific, advanced trailer steering systems and independent wheel suspensions.

IMS Group is different – IMS Group listens.

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End-to-end support

IMS Group is committed to offering customers the best possible support, from purchase advice, fast delivery, support during installation to continued support by our aftersales departments.

This end-to-end support is provided by a dedicated and well-trained team who understand better than anyone the challenges our customers are dealing with every day.


Sales Support

We are committed to helping our customers with the best support in the industry. Our experts are on hand to carefully examine customers' needs to identify and present the most suitable options for consideration.


Technical Support

Having an on-site team of trained staff means we're able to provide specialist technical advice across the full range of products. Detailed information, including 3D drawings and technical specifications, are available from our technical team. Essential for the engineering departments of our customers.


Aftersales and Service Support

IMS Group's Aftersales and Service team is ready to help customers identify and order spare parts. These can be shipped immediately from the extensive range in our warehouses in the Netherlands and the UK. IMS Group also offers product installation and maintenance training for both customers and service partners.