Better manoeuvrability

City centres are getting busier and accessibility is getting worse. Our steering systems ensure optimal manoeuvrability so that no location is off limits.

No street is off limits

Getting from the distribution centre to the city centre: that is the greatest challenge that transport companies have to face these days. A trailer steering system can make negotiating narrow streets and alleyways a breeze. Any steering system will reduce the turning circle of a trailer significantly: the level of reduction will depend on the type of system that you choose.

Smoothly negotiating roundabouts

It is often necessary to accelerate in order to get the weight of a loaded trailer round a roundabout or a sharp bend. With a steering system such as e.g. a single bar steering system from SEM, the rolling resistance is reduced in such a way that the combination is able to take bends more smoothly. Not only does the driver benefit from this but also the finances of the transport company on account of the considerable savings on fuel and reduction in tyre wear.

Remote controlled steering

Does your end customer want even the narrowest of streets to be accessible? Then an electrohydraulic steering system from VSE is the best option. With these, your trailer can be manoeuvred by remote control which certainly offers the perfect solution for (refrigerated) trailers that have to access awkward locations in busy city centres.

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