Reduction of costs due to lower fuel consumption and tyre wear

Our steering systems extend the service life of tyres and reduce the fuel consumption of combinations: attractive benefits at a time when margins are under pressure.

Save on fuel costs with a steered trailer

Fuel is one of the biggest cost items for the transport sector. Transport companies and trailer manufacturers are constantly searching for fuel-saving solutions. The use of steered trailers can play an important role in this on account of their lower rolling resistance and reduced frictional force on the road. So with a steering system, taking a bend, roundabout or even double roundabout requires a lot less horsepower – and consequently fuel – than it does with an unsteered trailer.

Installation weight versus fuel reduction

A lot of transport companies are still opting for non-steered trailers because it is thought that the installation weight is disproportionate to the reduction in fuel that they can bring. At IMS Group, we demonstrate that this is not the case. Every steering system soon pays for itself.

Up to 400% less wear and tear on tyres

It is not just the reduced fuel consumption that makes steered trailers interesting: the reduction of wear and tear on tyres is another reason to use them. Because the trailer steers more smoothly, tyre wear is reduced. Experience shows that tyres on a steered trailer last up to 400% longer than tyres on an unsteered trailer.

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