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SEM Transport Solutions

SEM Transport Solutions

IMS Group is the manufacturer and sole distributor of SEM innovative steering and axle suspension systems suitable for trailers in the commercial transport sector. The design, development and construction of new systems take place entirely in the Benelux, ensuring the highest level of quality and durability.

Our solutions

Single bar steering and independent wheel suspension

Single bar steering:
A smaller turning circle makes even the most inaccessible city centres easy to reach thanks to single bar steering. SEM products have a short payback period and a high level of reliability.

Independent wheel suspension:
Up to 38% more loading capacity for your trailer: independent wheel suspension from SEM makes it possible. In sectors such as construction, this can even mean the difference between special transport and normal transport movements.

Service network

IMS Group delivers service for trailer manufacturers and end users

IMS Group employs a number of highly experienced service account managers who provide essential support to both trailer manufacturers and end users. Our engineers can give advice on original equipment specifications, offer practical assistance during commissioning and help resolve application problems with trailers on the road.

IMS Group engineers are the essential link between the manufacturer and the transport company/service facility. If you have any questions, please contact IMS Group Customer Services on +31 (0)342 497890.

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