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Premium forged aluminium wheels from ALEXRIMS are made from a special alloy which is lightweight, low-maintenance and cost-effective. IMS Group keeps a large stock of rims and can deliver most orders all over Europe within 48 hours.

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Premium wheels

On average, aluminium wheels are 40-50% lighter than steel wheels of the same size. The benefits of this include reduced fuel consumption and an increased load capacity. They come with a 5-year warranty with no restriction on mileage.

Sleeve nuts

ALEXRIMS nuts are specially designed to work with high-performance alloy wheels.

  • 10-20% lighter than traditional nut designs.
  • The active locking function protects the bolt hole against cracks or damage.
  • The wheel bolt does not have to be replaced if you replace your steel wheels with aluminium forged wheels.


A metal valve is fitted to the wheel of a truck rather than a rubber valve. The valve is included with every ALEXRIMS wheel that you purchase from IMS Group. Valves can also be obtained separately. See the table below to find out the right rim and the right valve to go with it.

Part number of valve Suitable for wheel
70MS07N E001 / E001-1 / E011 / E011-1 / U007 / U006 / U006-1 / U006-2
40MS00N E006 / E006-1 / E008 / E008-1 / E009 / E009-1 / E011-1
TR553E E004 / E004-1 / E010 / U007-1
TR554D E001L / E001-1L
54MS00 E009L / E009-1L

Wheel nut caps

The wheelnut protective caps provide optimum protection for wheel nuts and bolts. The patented fixing system guarantees a firm, secure hold.


  • Protection against corrosion
  • Shockproof
  • Easy to assemble
  • Patented fixing system
  • Superb finish


Art. Nr Description Type
A010703 Wheel Nut Cover SW 32 G43  Standard wheel nut SW 32
P103149 Wheel Nut Cover SW 32 G38 Sleeved nut  SW 32
P103150 Wheel Nut Cover SW 33 G43  Sleeved nut  SW 33

Service network

IMS Group delivers service for trailer manufacturers and end users

IMS Group employs a number of highly experienced service account managers who provide essential support to both trailer manufacturers and end users. Our engineers can give advice on original equipment specifications, offer practical assistance during commissioning and help resolve application problems with trailers on the road.

IMS Group engineers are the essential link between the manufacturer and the transport company/service facility. If you have any questions, please contact IMS Group Customer Services on +31 (0)342 497890.


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