Reduction of CO2 and particulate emissions

Our solutions are guaranteed to reduce CO2 and particulate emissions from trucks and help to create a cleaner environment and a sustainable future

Less CO2 for a green future

The reduction of CO2 emissions is a challenge for many sectors and the transport sector is certainly one of those. However, IMS Group can help with the reduction of CO2 and particulate emissions. There are various ways in which we can do that.

Steering system for efficiency and fuel reduction

Depending on the steering system used, a steered trailer weighs more than a non-steered trailer. And yet a steered trailer uses less fuel. That is because the extra weight is outweighed by the reduction in the rolling resistance and frictional force when navigating roundabouts and bends. So the driver doesn’t have to accelerate as much in order to manoeuvre through traffic. The result? Considerable savings on fuel and consequently a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Steered trailer: less particulate emissions

Lower fuel consumption automatically means less particulate emissions. But there is another way in which a steered trailer helps to reduce particulates in the air: since it also extends the service life of tyres considerably and half of the particulate emissions are caused by tyres and brakes.

Independent wheel suspension: up to 38% more loading capacity

If a truck doesn’t need to be used, it won’t produce any CO2 or particulate emissions. Independent wheel suspension enables us to create up to 38% more loading capacity for a trailer. That means fewer journeys will be required in order to supply shops, for example, saving on fuel and improving sustainability.

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