IMS Group is the distributor of VSE in the Benelux, UK and Ireland.

VSE is the leading manufacturer of intelligent steering systems for trailers.

With the VSE system, transport operators have easy access to locations previously unreachable with conventional trailers. In many cases a trailer with a VSE system can replace rigid trucks and city trailers, so fewer trucks need to enter urban areas. This results in less noise and environmental impact. Logistics companies also benefit from greater utilisation and increased load volume.

The VSE steering system makes the use of a 13.6 metre long trailer possible where normally a 12.6 metre (and often even a 10.6 metre) long city trailer is used. The system doesn’t rely on turntables at the front or the rear, so weight is significantly reduced, as are the operating costs normally associated with the maintenance of turntables.

This innovative and highly configurable steering system is available from IMS Group for one to three steered axles and axle loads of 8 to 12 tonnes. The system can be fitted to trailers with 17.5”, 19.5” and 22.5” rims, with both single and double tyres.

By clicking below you can see how ForFarmers manage to get one of their full-size, VSE-equipped tipping trailers into some difficult locations.


Useful links and resources

Useful links and resources

  • IMS Group Steering Solutions Brochure
  • VSE system variants
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  • Commissioning and maintenance videos