A familiar face in the industry

Just like IMS Group’s credo, Marty Schoondermark's aim is to be: “Number 1 in service." Marty also applies this in customer contact, relationship management and sales. He has been with IMS Group for over 17 years. As the Key Account Manager, he is responsible for the entire Dutch market for SAFHOLLAND, SAUER and ALEXRIMS aftermarket products. 

Marty is no stranger to the world of truck and trailer parts. With a wealth of work experience in wholesale and import, he is the right man in the right place in the role of Key Account Manager. Together with the supporting sales department, he is responsible for the Dutch customer base of IMS Group. And that's not a small portfolio. Focusing on wholesalers and tyre specialists, he is always ready to provide the best solutions and service for his customers. 

Sitting still is not an option 

Although Marty has been with IMS Group for nearly two decades, no two days are the same. And that's exactly where the challenge lies in this multi-faceted job as a Key Account Manager. Being on the road, visiting clients and connecting with the people around him is what gives him energy. “The fact that every day is different is exactly what motivates me and ensures that I enjoy going to work and that I look back at the end of the day on a successful day," says Marty.  

Growth and change 

IMS Group's product range grew, and the company moved to globally supplying certain brands. This market expansion accelerated when IMS Group became the official distributor of a number of exclusive trailer steering systems and aluminium wheels for trucks and trailers. This enabled the company to make their mark on the European market.  

Regaining freedom 

The COVID pandemic obviously had a huge impact on everyone. It has caused significant market changes in recent times. This impact was also noticeable in Marty's field of work: customer contact. "The personal contact in this position is really key. When most of that is no longer possible, it was sometimes challenging to stay in touch." Nonetheless, his customers found ways to get in touch, and so did he. Because for a familiar face, you go the extra mile. 

Looking forward 

Wishes for 2022? Being able to get out there, being on the road again. Meeting customers in person. Visiting the wholesalers. Simply making a spontaneous visit to one of the many transport companies when you are in the area. “Regaining some of that freedom, in addition to being able to help and speak to your customers in person, that's the icing on the cake in my job!" 

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