U006A - A-Shine

The A-Shine finish is the ultimate surface finish for truck and trailer wheels. Because the finishing process is carried out on a microscopic scale, rims are 100% protected against water, dirt and other pollutants as confirmed by independent research (a corrosion test of 1000 hours). The result: low-maintenance wheels which retain their texture and shine without polishing.

A-Shine wheels are the ultimate in truck wheel finishing. With the same shine and stunning looks of polished wheels, A-Shine goes one step further by requiring less maintenance, leaving you free to concentrate on delivering rather than cleaning. The A-Shine surface coating adheres to the wheel material extremely well, keeping dirt, water and other pollutants out. The mirror finish also retains its shine without the need for polishing. Independent corrosion tests have shown that A-Shine can match any competitive brand.


Specifications of the
U006A - A-Shine

Finish Size Number of bolt holes Bolt hole (mm) Offset
A-Shine 19,5 x 7,5 8 24 134


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