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ALEX RIMS alloy rims are produced with a combination of the best alloys available. They are manufactured in specially-built facilities at Alex Global Aerospace Technology in Taiwan – a professional producer of aluminium products with more than 20 years’ experience.

The facilities at Alex Global boast a complete vertical integration system from material to production, manufacturing the lightest and strongest wheels in the world. An investment in their own furnaces, extrusion and forging equipment, spinning machines, precision CNC and polishing equipment ensures complete production control to guarantee that every wheel performs to the highest possible standard.

  • High Quality Wheels – manufactured using the best alloy material
  • Lightweight – forged aluminium wheels are 50% the weight of steel wheels
  • Safer and Stronger – Alex wheels release heat faster and so extend the service life of tyres and brakes
  • Cost Effective – proven to reduce fuel cost by more than 3% to 5%
  • Superb Finish – clean bright wheels, give your business a sharper image
  • Easy Maintenance – minimal cleaning, no need for polishing
  • 5-year unlimited mileage warranty


  • Diamond Cut
  • Polished
  • A-Shine

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