New NFC hub cap from SAF-HOLLAND

Reading the axle serial number on SAF hubcaps via NFC for axles with compact bearings from May 2023.

SAF-HOLLAND will equip all SAF axles with an NFC chip from May 2023. The NFC chip is securely embedded in the hub cap, protecting it from external influences. The NFC chip is located in both hub caps of each axle.

This chip stores the respective axle serial number, allowing the axle to be uniquely identified. Currently, axles can be identified via the nameplate with and QR code. In the future, the serial number can be easily read with a smartphone with NFC function and the free SAF-HOLLAND app "SH Connect".

The app provides access to the SAF-HOLLAND I.Q. portal. More information is available here, such as product-specific spare parts and technical documentation.

SAF axles with the NFC chip can be recognised by the red "radio symbol" on the hubcap.

The advantages of the NFC hub cap:

  • The NFC hub cap is already fitted at the factory
  • Easy identification of the trailer axle on the hubcap
  • Quick access to technical documentation via the SAF-HOLLAND I.Q. Portal
  • Simple and secure identification of spare parts
  • Quick access to appropriate maintenance and repair instructions

Download the free SAF-HOLLAND APP SH Connect in the app store

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