VSE Special Steering

VSE Special Steering uses a pump on the truck that is driven by the engine. When the truck is at a standstill, the pump can also be used for other systems such as a truck-mounted crane or to operate a bulk tipping hydraulic tipping ram..

This system is ideal for trailers which have other hydraulic systems apart from the steering system on board. The pump on the truck that is driven by the engine provides hydraulic power for all the systems.

The major benefit of this system is the great price and the light weight of the system locker because there is no electric pump or batteries on the trailer.


Specifications of the
VSE Special Steering

Steering element Steering behaviour Front unit Weight Axle brands Power supply
Electrohydraulic Programmable Not required Between 80 and 190 kg Any brand of fusee axle Truck hydraulics


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VSE Special Steering

Technical possibilities of VSE Special Steering

  • Only possible if used with the pump driven by the engine
  • A range of possible variants with a maximum of 3 steered swivel axles
  • Is supplied in a standard stainless steel system locker. In addition, each steered axle comes with a steering cylinder and an angle sensor, a kingpin and various cables. Customisation is possible
  • With VSE Steering, a steering angle of up to 45 degrees can be realised
  • The system can be supplied with an axle
  • The system weighs between 80 and 190 kg
  • Customised software
  • Can be used with any brand of axle with a maximum axle load of 10 tons

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