SAF Intra Premium Coated

SAF-Holland has gone one step further and improved the corrosion resistance of the Intra disk series by developing a PREMIUM paint process.

Trailer axles are exposed to environmental influences such as dirt and moisture on a daily basis, making them susceptible to corrosion. With SAF-HOLLAND’s new 3-layer PREMIUM Paint process, adding a high zinc content to the paint enables outstanding corrosion protection to be achieved. This procedure offers a guarantee of long-term value retention for the product and SAF-HOLLAND is also now able to offer a 10-year anti-corrosion warranty for axles. An additional benefit of the new PREMIUM COATING is that the top layer can be painted over quite easily.


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Characteristics of the SAF-HOLLAND INTRA

  • Competence guarantee

    Our competence guarantee takes away any worries regarding your equipment: protection is provided for up to 1 million km and 6 years in respect of the whole suspension system according to SAF-HOLLAND warranty conditions.

  • Positioned for protection

    The specially coordinated shock absorber with specific characteristics is positioned in the centre of the suspension bracket and within the functional suspension arm, thus protecting against stone chips and other road debris.

  • Driving stability and safety

    Our specially designed 3D bush element is integrated in the functional suspension arm and ensures optimal driving behaviour.

  • Maintenance-free for life

    In our design, the intra suspension arm and axle beam form a single maintenance-free component. This indestructible design provides additional benefits including no extra fixings such as axle seats and U-bolts and no retightening of bolt connections.

  • Lightweight

    The spring hangers are very narrow and have a ymmetrical design, making them lightweight and easy to install.

  • SAFE-GUARD design

    The patented SAFE-GUARD DESIGN of the Intra suspension arm provides the brake cylinders with reliable protection against damage.

  • Outstanding protection against corrosion

    We take great care to provide long-term corrosion protection for particularly sensitive parts such as hubs, hub caps or bolt connections as well as wheel bolts and nuts.

  • Optimised based on factory standards

    Standard features include uniform bearings, ABS preparation, specific weight reduction and a cathodic dip coating process for axles and wheel hubs

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