SAF Modul Disc

The SAF-HOLLAND MODUL is a complete modular air suspension system from 7 to 14 tons: customised solutions for your individual needs. Capacity: 7 to 14 tons. The choice of components is the strength of the MODUL suspension system. Whatever your requirements may be – drum or disc brakes, rigid or steering axles, an extremely low or particularly high sitting position, normal or exceptionally long travel – the SAF-HOLLAND MODUL system can be configured to meet your specific needs.

The disc brake technology on the trailer has proven its worth and the benefits are indisputable, particularly where safety is concerned.As a result, there is no doubt that suspension systems with disc brakes will continue to become increasingly popular in the future. We are pioneers of this technology and will continue to develop it systematically and consistently.


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Characteristics of the SAF-HOLLAND MODUL

  • SAF hub unit: maintenance-free wheel bearing technology

    A reliable product that has proven itself more than 100,000 times: the SAF hub unit is a compact hub and bearing unit. It is fully factory-adjusted and encapsulated. The hub unit is maintenance-free.

  • Standard

    Generating ring and sensor holder are pre-installed in the factory.

  • Outstanding protection against corrosion

    We take the utmost care to provide long-term corrosion protection for particularly sensitive parts such as hubs, hub caps or screw connections as well as wheel bolts and nuts. 

  • Optimised based on factory standards

    Standard features include uniform bearings, ABV preparation, an integrated rim system, specific weight reduction and a cathodic dip coating process for axles and wheel hubs.

  • Lightweight

    The spring hangers are very narrow and lightweight and enable easy installation.

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